IS Plotting



The new Fileview Plus will calculate MDL, IDL and BEC from that generated.  This could be used to keep a log of instrument performance over time.

Method Detection Limit

The Method Detection Limit calculation is based on the concentration values from the samples.  The standard deviation is calculated as:

stdDev = sqrt ( sum( CONCsample - CONCavg)**2) / (N-1) 

where N is the number of samples and CONC is the concentration

The result multiplier will depend on the number of samples used for the calculation and the level of confidence required.


Instrument Detection Limit

Instrument Detection Limits is based on two samples - a Blank and a Standard,  and the concentration list associated with the standard.

The IDL is calculated as follows:

IDL = (Multiplier * StdDev Blank) / Slope


Background Equivalent Concentration




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